I am quirky, have a good sense of humor, I am ironic, sometimes. I love to make friends, and talk to people. I am curious, passionate, dedicated, hardworking, reliable, and logical. In terms of spatial design, I have a great sense of scale and am good at visualizing my concept.

As a multidisplinary designer I want to design comfortable and memorable environments people would enjoy live and leisure in. I want my designs to have a compelling story; and design every moment that users encounter. I want the users to enjoy every aspect of my design from the first moment of encounter to the last moment of interaction. I am so proud to be a designer, doing things I love while making the world a better place. And I am excited to see how my future will unfold.


The journey being in Art Center College of Design was probably the most challenging three and half years of my life, and I made a video to express how much I appreciate the experience.